Ring Mountain / Turtle Rock Hike


101 North California Hikes; a book my husband picked up for me some time ago.  I am determined to do all hikes.  So, I #31 Ring Mountain /Turtle Rock.

The trail is on Paradise Ave and easy to find by the parked cars and signage on the side of the road.  This was March and the weather was perfect for a hike, no rain yet, a bit cloudy, which was great because there is no shade on this trail. The trails were a bit muddy from a previous rain.  This was a treat for Abby who made it a point to find the deepest puddles and run through them.  Ring Mountain trail is uphill and to the left is a creek that was flowing pretty strong considering California keeps complaining about a water shortage.  There is a stair way that leads through the only patch of trees on this hike, which is absolutely beautiful.

We made it to the top in 30 minutes seeing the beautiful native flowers of this area.  California Poppies, still closed, not quite ready to bloom, the red flowers and some sort of lily, blue and white.

From the top of the trail the view was is the whole SF Bay area.  San Quentin Prison, the coast of the San Francisco Bay and the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge. Oh, yes and of course the city of San Francisco, such a classic view.

Turtle Rock is at the top of the hike, however, it does not look like a turtle to me.  There was a family with children climbing all over the rock, laughing and taking pictures.  I’m not a geologist and know nothing about rocks etc., however, I do know that Turtle Rock and the rocks we saw while hiking had colors of blue, green, yellow.

The hike back down the loop was less beautiful, we did not go by the creek or the stairs through the trees.  It was straight down the hill side, looking at San Quinten the whole way down.

The whole hike took about 2 hours total.  A nice days hike, close to home and yes, I’d go again.


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