but, no dogs allowed;

Jack London Trails, Glen Ellen, CA

Hiking, Cemeteries  – but no dogs allowed;

My husband and I planned a hike at the Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen, CA on a wet spring Saturday afternoon.  We packed our backpacks for the day, water, food, hats etc., all that you would need for goods day hike and oh, yes on big dog.  I hate hiking without Abby. I had a 4 mile hike mapped out and we were ready.  We parked the car, got our backpacks, and started walking to the Wolf House and were abruptly stopped by a ranger stating that dogs were not allowed on the trail.  Are you kidding me. . . We were however, allowed to walk her, on leash, on the paved trail that looped the Wolf House, Ruins and the grave grove.  Ok, so not a total waste of time. Abby however hated every step, having to be on leash.

It had just rained and the path was wet with leave and mud puddles galore for Abby.  As I said the The House of Happy Walls was the first sighting of a past civilization.  The home Charmain London after the death of her husband from 1934-1955;  The House of Happy Walls is now a museum, however, again, No dogs allowed.  So we started the “paved” trail, not a hike more like a walk in the woods.  About a mile into the woods we came to the “Ruins” of the Wolf House which was to be the home of Jack and Charmain.  So beautiful, that my words cannot express so I’ve posted some pictures.  Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the building before completion and it was never rebuilt.

As I said the paved trail is a loop, so we continued on along to find Grave Grove.  The beauty of this grove is without words.  The first gravesite is that of the Greenlaw children.  Pioneer children that were buried there well before Jack & Charmain bought the land.

The story told is that one day Jack & Charmain were riding on the property and came to the grove were the children were buried.  At that time Jack was so moved by the lonely grave he told Charmain that if he were to die before her to bury him in the grove so he could be with the children.

Jack London died 11/22/1916 at 41 years; Jack’s ashes were laid to rest under a rock from the ruins of the Big House, in a small knoll overlooking the Valley of the Moon.

Jack London: writer, socialist, farmer and adventurer.

born 1/12/1876 San Francisco, CA

died 11221916 Glen Ellen, Ca

Charmain Kittredge London; 1955 her ashes were buried with Jacks

born 1871Wilmington, Los Angeles, CA

died 1955 Glen Ellen, CA



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