Calvary Cemetery, NY – Disappointed

Calvary Cemetery, Queens, NY

49-02 Laurel Hill Blvd

Woodside, NY 11377

Re: Cemetery index received.

To whom it may concern,

I’m very disappointed in the integrity of work that I received from Calvary Cemetery, Queens, NY.

It took me a long time to order archived cemetery records due to the high cost you charge.  The charge 3 times the amount of any cemetery I’ve ordered records from in the past. I decided that maybe the cost would be worth the information, since I can’t get any further with my New York ancestors.

From other cemeteries I have received the actual copy of the cemetery records, if it was still in existence, also at times there were obituaries attached, bill of sale receipts for the grave or coffins, parish records, this made me hopeful of finding information.  Thinking I would receive the same type document copies I paid the high cost and waited for my record copies.

The only information I knew previous to paying and requesting these cemetery records was; Ann and Michael Marnell were two of the six grave.  Also that Thomas Quene purchased the grave sites and Ann’s sister was married to Thomas Quene.

When I received my letter from Calvary, it was a one page typed letter, not copies of any of the six g raves.  Only 4 pieces of information was pulled from the six records from varies times in history was supplied to me. (Information decided for me from the original cemetery records.)
1) Name of the deceased; Also, each name was spelled differently and incorrectly. I find hard to believe that each record was incorrect. Therefore the person at Calvary was either not paying attention or just didn’t care about the records transcribing. I will never know.

Marnell, Murnell, Quene, Quinn, Quane and Quain.  This lead me to have little confidence in any of the information I paid for.

Also, information copied was;

2) date of interment; 3) age of deceased; 4) place of birth – nothing regarding the parish or mortuary used.

If Calvary Cemetery does not want to provide “cemetery records” then they should let family researcher know and not take payments.  Also, incomplete and incorrect information should never be passed on, this is not acceptable nor professional.

If I pay for something I’d like the whole of it and decide for myself what is important and what’s not important for my research.

Oh, and to add to this there was a letter attached requesting a payment of $1801.00 for unpaid upkeep charges. Serioursly. . . I’ll bet they have past payment records of upkeep somewhere, if they would only take the time to look.

I’m not expecting a responds, however keep this dissatisfaction in mind next time you pull records for a paying customer.



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