#21 Manuel Franco Aliphat – Wives and children (known)

The Marriages & Families of Manuel Franco Aliphat


My g.g. grandfather Manuel Franco Aliphat was what my daughter today would call “a player”. Having children in Mexico and California, from his many marriages and relationships. I don’t know where in Mexico he was born, however according to the San Francisco, CA Funeral Records his parents were Manuel Alipaht & Matinana Franco and he was born in 1856. His obituary does read. “originally from Colima, Mexico”.

The first time Manuel married he was 20 years as was his bride Mercedes Del Refugio Villegas Bovadill. They married at the Catholic Church – San Felipe de Jesus in Colima, Colima, Mexico on 9/27/1876. Mercedes and Manuel had a child that died sadly, the same day his was born in 1878. Mercedes died shortly after at the age of 24.

On April 17, 1893 in Colima, Mexico Manuel tied the knot again to the very young and lovely, Carmen Pineda (daughter of Juan Pineda and Simona Navarro) – see wedding pic.
Young Carmen gave Manuel three children.

Manuel Celedonio Aliphat
b. 3/3/1893 Colima, Colima, Mexico
Registered birth: 4/21/1893 Manuel Celedonio Aliphat Pineda
d. 11/23/1857 Alameda, CA

Maria del Carmen Aliphat
b. 10/29/1894 Colima, MX
d. 8/27/1989 Sacramento, CA

Eugenio *(Diego or Digno) Aliphat Pineda
b. 8/11/1896
c. 1896 records San Felipe de Jesus, Colima, Colima, Mx
d. 1924 San Francisco, CA

Carmen and the children came to San Francisco, California and lived with her sister in the late 1890’s. Manuel, started a grocery business in Chiapas and traveled back and forth from Mexico to California for many years.

Manuel must have liked family life so much, that while he was working in Chiapas he starts another family with Maria Granados Pintor.

Sofia Aliphat Granados
b. 9/30/1904 Tapahula, Chiapas, MX
d. 2/16/1996 Benito Juarez, MX

Horacio Aliphat Granado – b. 1903
d. 9/2/1984 Gustavo A Madero, Federal Mexico

Maria Elisea Aliphat
b.1/1907 Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico

Manual died 4/17/1920 in San Francisco, California of an Asthma Attack. He is buried with his 2nd wife Carmen Pineda Alipaht Morris in Holly Cross Cemetery. I wont be surprised as I continue research Manuel that other wives/women and children surface.


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