#20″I Have No Brother Now” by Michael Fennell – 1865 b

“I Have No Brother Now”


 Words written by   –  Michael Fennell

 (Author of Erin Shall be Free)

 Inscribed to his son Charles E Fennell

 Music by -P. R. Nicholls


“I have no brother now”

 Oh, mother dear, come near to me

And sooth my aching brow

Since little “Bobby’s” gone above

I have no brother now.

Tell father comes and ease my mind

He knows his father’s vow

For since our little Bobby died.

I have no brother now.

Oh listen dear, you need not cry

To death we all must bow

You still can charm my heart, although

I have no brother now.

The spirit land to which he’s gone

With garlands on his brow

He’s happy there – yet I’m alone,

I have no bother now.

 Attached is a copy in Michael’s hand the rough draft of the poem he wrote to his young son Charles after the death of his youngest son Robert.

I have no brother now - M Fennell

Robert E Fennell died at the tender age of 6 years in the city he was born, San Francisco, California. The obituary in the Sacramento Union states:  Robert E Fennell, son of Michael and Ellen Fennell died age 6 years, 6 months and 22 days, date of death, December 7th, 1865   He is buried next to his older brother William H Fennell who died July 13th, 1863, also at the age of six years.  Both boys are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, CA.

Charles Emmett Fennell, was four years when he lost he second brother and this poem was written from his father heart to help him understate the loss and to always remember his brother Bobby.

Michael & Ellen Fennell had nine children between the years 1841 – 1859. Sadly, only five of their eight children lived to adulthood.





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