#8 Aunt Ysaura

Ysaura Maria Navarro Pineda

b. 7/23/1874 City of Colima, Colima, Mexico

d. 7/7/1967 San Mateo, San Mateo, CA


Father – Juan Pineda

Mother – Simone Navarro

Baptized – San Felipe de Jesus, Colima, Colima, Mexico

Husband – Felicio Mondragon, marriage date 10/25/1900 San Francisco, CA


My choice this week is Ysaura Mondragon (nee Pineda), although she is not a direct ancestor tracing her was a significant find in my family tree. She is my great great grandmother Carmen Aliphat (nee Pineda)’s sister.  Both were born in Colima, Mexico and immigrated to San Francisco, California.   Ysaura married Felipe Mondragon, a California native, although his parents were from Colima, Mexico.


My first find was a Manifest of Alien Immigration dated 2/18/1898 – this listed my great great grandmother: Carmen Pineda age 22 years (using her maiden name, maybe there was not enough room for her to use her full name) ; Eugene Pineda age 3yrs (this is my great grandfather); Carmen Pineda 2yrs & Ysaura Pineda 21yrs; Maria Pineda 20yrs & Manuel Pineda 21yrs, on the information side of the document it state: last residence –  Colima, Mexico – going to live with mother Mrs. Navarro at 220 Montgomery Ave, SF.  The children were were using the surname Pineda, which was their mother’s maiden name.  I later found out that in the Mexican culture it is common for the mother’s maiden name to follow the children name then the father’s surname, then after marriage the daughters drop their mothers surname and keep their fathers and add their husband.  It would have been nice to have this information a few years ago.  I do believe that this trip was when Ysaura met and marries Felicio Mondragon.  The others all return to Mexico for a few more years and in the early 1908 (the beginning of the Spanish Mexican Revolution) all the children are sent to San Francisco one by one at different times, to live with Aunt Ysaura


In 1908 a Passenger List form the Pacific Mail Steamship “Peru” arrived in San Francisco with Eugene Pineda Aliphat (using his father’s surname) age 9 years and Ysaura Mondragon age 33yrs.  Ysuara or Sara as she was called in the US kept her two nephews and niece in her home until her sister arrived and she too lived with the Mondragon’s at 93 Lucy Street, San Francisco, Ca.


A US Passport Application dated 11/15/1919 for Ysaura Mondragon is in the National Archive, lucky find for me because this had so much information on Ysaura.  Attached to the passport request is a photo of Ysuara with a child with name Rosaria Navarro; and a letter from her mother Simona Navarro – the passport document states that the letter has six pages; however the folks in the NARA only have copy of one page. (darn)   The one page that is available tells me that her mother (my g. g. g. grandmother) had returned to Mexico after the revolution and is living back in Colima.  The letters goes on with Simona complaining about her health, the weather and the financial state of Mexico.  It also tells me that her son, Manuel Pineda, moved back to Colima as well.


Familysearch has records (in Spanish) of the Pineda children’s Christenings in San Felipe de Jesus in Colima, Mexico.  I can’t help but wonder if there are marriage and death records for the Pineda & Mondragon & Aliphat families.


Ysarua Mondragon Passport



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