#5 Marriage of Martin Fennell to Anne Murray

Martin Fennell    to      Anne Murray

Born approx. 1830                      Born approx 1842

11/19/1899 SF, CA                      11/2/1906 SF, CA

Both Natives of Birr, King County, Ireland

4/11/1859 Married San Francisco, CA

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake created a lot of challenges for me in researching my ancestors.  The City Hall & City and County Offices were all burnt to the ground along with birth, marriage and death records.  Many of the churches were also destroyed in the quake & fires that followed.   I’ve relied on business and residential directories, news articles, census reports as my main research method.  Working backwards from my grandfather to his grandfather has been quite a chore.  My favorite find was the Marriage Announcement of Martin Fennell to Anne Murray in the Sacramento Bee, dated April 14th 1859.

Simply stated under the title – MARRIAGES:  In San Francisco, April 11, 1859, Martin Fennell to Anne Murray.

Trying to go back farther was a little more difficult; I needed both Anne & Martins parent’s names and/or names of siblings to help me go back further. How and when they arrived to San Francisco, did the families know each other in Ireland or did the families travel from Ireland together.   I wanted a wedding announcement that named the parents of the bride and groom and any other families members that may have been part of this event.

I posted a message on the SFgenealogy website regarding any idea’s anyone would have for my further search and a very nice women from the Daughters of the American Revolution Society in San Francisco sent me a copy of the this record  – Vital Records from San Francisco Dailey Bulletin 1858, 1859 Vol II:

This was extremely helpful, giving me the church name – St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco, it also told me both Anne & Martin were residence of San Francisco.

I spent days in the Catholic Archives and St. Mary’s archive, however, no real luck in busting this wall back further.

Martin & Anne lived full lives in San Francisco with their four boys and four girls.

Martin was a Police Officer when the San Francisco Police was first established, he also was part of the volunteer fire and a member of the Knights of St. Patrick.  Martin & his brother Michael were both builder and mason’s and had contracts with the city to help work on some of the beautiful buildings still standing today.

Descendants of Martin Fennell & Anne Murray: all born in San Francisco, CA


William P. Fennell

3/1860 San Francisco, CA

2/23/1917 Oakland, CA

Mary A, Fennell

9/1861 San Francisco, CA

Margaret “Maggie” Fennell

abt 1863 San Francisco, CA

James S. Fennell

10/16/1864 San Francisco, CA

3/8/1943 San Francisco, CA

Elizabeth T.  Fennell

8/1866, San Francisco, CA

8/19/1951 Alameda, CA

Anne A Fennell

5/19/1869 San Francisco, CA

9/39/1950 San Francisco, CA

Martin Murray Fennell

4/12/1873 San Francisco, CA

1/12/1941 San Francisco, CA

John R. Fennell

abt 1876 San Francisco, CA

2/16/1918 San Francisco, CA


3 thoughts on “#5 Marriage of Martin Fennell to Anne Murray

  1. Ben Wood February 2, 2014 / 5:29 pm

    I would love to talk with you about Nora Fennell. I’ve been working on a project at mission dolores for some years which is related to her story and I would love to discuss her with you. You can reach me at benmwood45@hotmail.com

  2. Gary McDonald March 13, 2014 / 8:33 pm

    Hello–I can’t believe this–my cousin in Canada helped us find this. My husband is the descendant of Michael Fennell and Ellen. He is descendant through their daughter Margaret who married W. P. Purinton. Is the gentleman above talking about Honona Fennell if so we also have info. Please contact me at mctrike42@yahoo.com.

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